Levels of Horror: Five nights at freddy's 3


Heyo to my readers! Welcome to my next article, in which I am going to write about FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) 3, created by Scott Cawthon. The 3rd game of the FNAF series is a single player indie horror game that was released on March 2nd 2015. Not only is the 3rd game available on Steam, you can also find it in Android and iOS format. These games explore more of the story from the first two games, as we learn more about the monsters and the story itself as you try to survive the night. Like usual, the player has to survive 5 nights, which grows more difficult as you pass each night, as well as the optional nightmare mode night.

The main concept of this game sees you playing a night guard at a horror attraction that is based on Freddy’s Pizzeria. The attraction includes a lot of things that have been found from the previous locations, like old costumes, lights, posters, and arcade gaming consoles. If you have at least seen or heard some information about FNAF, it is easy to notice that this game has a different layout. Instead of having one layer to the map, there are two: one being the main floor with all the rooms and the other being inside the vents. There are two main ways to get into the room, which would be the door to the left and a vent to the right. Since you only have to deal with one monster in this game, it is easier to keep track of as you are able to lead him around the building so that he doesn’t kill you. However, there is more to worry about than just this; the player needs to pay close attention to the monitor near the left door. While playing through the game, some of the systems can fail or shut down on the player, so the systems have to be rebooted in the monitor throughout the night. These systems include the video, audio, and the ventilation controls and reboot options. The main one to worry about would be ventilation, which basically keeps the player from hallucinating and attracting attention with the red flashing lights. If you don’t reboot it in time, the player is usually surprised by a variety of jump scares that feature the monsters from the previous games.

All of the previous animatronics appear in this game, including the phantoms of Balloon Boy, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, Freddy, Mangle, and the Puppet. Instead of looking as they did in the past, they were remade in more of a creepy style. They look as if they are falling apart, covered in dirt, or just generally have more of a really dark tone of colors to replace the old brighter colors. But they aren’t the only characters that are brought back into the game; we have a special appearance of the telephone guy whose lovely employee recordings are found and added to the attraction with all the other antiques. These recordings talk about the old procedures on how one was supposed to wear one of the costumes and what to do in an emergency if you get stuck or hurt while inside. There is only one character in the game that can actually kill you, and that would be Springtrap. Springtrap resembles Bonnie in many ways, but has a different color and way of moving. He looks more broken down then the other animatronics that you see, and if you look closely you might notice something that resembles human organs remaining inside of the suit. When watching him move around the map, he roams around more like a human, so it is very terrifying when you look to the left and he is just staring at you with that big grin from behind the doorway. This is another thing that adds onto this horror game, as he moves like a human but isn’t one, and just gives you a creepy stare when he gets close enough to the office. If you don’t realize he is there, you will be very surprised when he comes out from behind your monitor the moment that you put it down.

Not only does the player get the chance to play through the nights, but there are also a small variety of hidden mini games that can be found by performing certain actions in a few of the cameras or the main office. These mini games feature different playable characters, but they have two different endings depending on where you exit the game or if you bring the cake to the crying child. There is a deeper meaning to these games that I will not mention for the sake of spoilers, but I will say that these games do lead into more of the background story behind the animatronics and the Freddy’s Pizzeria mystery.

I would recommend Five Nights at Freddy’s for anyone who enjoys indie horror games that contain a lot of jumpscares. This game contains quite a few aspects of horror games, including the color/looks of the characters and scenes, the jumpscares, and the whole mystery behind the Pizzeria. With each night that you pass, you get to learn more information about the background for the games that could allow you to make theories about how the history played out. You can buy the game on steam for $7.99. You can also get the 2nd and 4th games for the same price, and the first game for $4.99. Hope you enjoyed this lovely article! See you next week for a new game!