The Double Jump Writing Team of 2017

Hello my fellow video game enthusiasts, and welcome to Double Jump Gaming News! With the launch of our new site, formerly, we have a new batch of writers itching to share their thoughts on the ever expanding world of gaming. Over the next few months, our five writers will cover individual themes, exploring various aspects of video games. A new article will be posted daily, so be sure to check back often for updates from your favorite writers!

The Breakdown with Brandon Hanabarger

Greetings, my name is Brandon Hanabarger and I'm a senior at University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.  I've joined Double Jump Gaming News both as part of my major and as a means to improve my critical thinking and analytical skills when it comes to level design in video games.  Therefore, my articles will focus on specific aspects of game design, usually as they pertain to a single game in particular.  For instance, one week I may look at a certain level in a first person shooter and its enemy placement, while the next week I may examine the hub world of a platformer.  Ever since I was young, I have been interested in creating levels for games that I played.  That then evolved into an interest in world building and creative design.  Before I knew it, I was drawing up game design sheets and creating mechanics for games that I couldn't possibly have hoped to create.  That childhood dream is slowly becoming reality as I approach my final semesters of college, and I figured that these articles would be a good way to help put into words what goes through my mind when I play video games.  Hopefully, if you're like me, they will help you think more critically about games and become a better designer in the process.  No matter what your reasoning is for reading, I hope that I can not only educate, but also entertain you all with my structured ramblings.

Grab a Friend with Nolan Robinson

Hi everyone! My name is Nolan, and I am a student at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. I write weekly articles called “Grab a Friend” where I talk about local multiplayer games for 4 players. I have always loved having friends over to play games, and since the world is rapidly turning to an online space, it is harder and harder to find games with local co-op. That being said, I have amassed a decent quantity of solid ‘go-tos’ to play when I have people over (not including sport simulations), and will spend the next few months describing these games and what they are about.

Indie Innovation with Danny Pratt

Hello everyone! My name is Danny Pratt and I’m a Junior at UW-Whitewater studying Media Arts and Game Development. I absolutely love all kinds of games. Be it video games, card games, board games, or sports, I’m all over them. When I’m not dumping absurd amounts of time into Overwatch or Ark: Survival Evolved, I can usually be found outside on a field of some sort playing a game with friends. I love Football, Tennis, and I play Frisbee Golf almost all summer long. If it’s snowing, I love to be out snowboarding with my friends any chance I can get. Apart from games, I’m also a bit of a Cinephile who will watch movies over television almost any chance I get. My favorite kinds of movies are original, often complex ideas that leave you wondering what you just watched, such as Inception, The Prestige, etc. (Obviously a huge Christopher Nolan fanboy). This general idea bleeds into my main passion of video games, and that is how I chose my topic for these columns. This semester I’ll be a writer for Double Jump Gaming News and I will be covering Indie games. Growing up, I played most games every typical guy that you went to High School with heard of. The Call of Duty’s and Halo’s and basically anything else that you would play while loaded up with Mt. Dew and Doritos, spouting profanities about each other’s moms and how bad they are. Luckily, I grew out of that as I went to college and my passion for games turned towards the design and artistic interpretation of them. Rather than just playing games only my group of friends had, I decided to start dipping my toes into the world of Indie games and I immediately fell in love. I will be taking that passion and hopefully showing you, the readers, that there are other great games out there that you may not have heard of. My hope is that I can discuss these games in a way that will be both intriguing and enlightening. Ultimately, I would love to shift the mentality of Indie games as being “underdeveloped little projects” to fully realized and beautiful creations of art that can be enjoyed by anyone.

The Game Plan with Derek Gilkes

Hello my name is Derek Gilkes. I am a Junior this year UW-Whitewater, and I am a communications major.  This is my first semester with Double Jump Gaming News, and I’m very excited to join!  I have been gaming ever since I was young, playing Nintendo 64 at my grandma’s house.  I’ve owned a PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, and now I own a PS4. I have always been a huge sports fan, so naturally I have gravitated towards sports games.  Some of my favorite sports games are NBA 2k, FIFA, NCAA College Football, NHL, and MLB The Show, but there are many more that I have spent countless hours playing through the years.  So, this semester I’m going to be going over the best sports games, what makes them so great, and why they are still being played today.  I have played loads of sports games and many stick out to me, and I can’t wait to share my favorites with you.

Totally Tubular Top Ten with Tyler McNamer

Hi everyone! My name is Tyler, and I am a senior at UW-Whitewater. Scary games and horror movies are my true passion. I tend to gravitate towards the macabre. Of every video game series, Resident Evil will always be my favorite. I've been gaming since I was a little boy, and I have no plan of stopping anytime soon. I was born and raised on PlayStation, but my heart is open to all gaming platforms. My biggest guilty pleasure is Shadow the Hedgehog for the GameCube. I love reading listicles almost as much as writing them. I am here to write for the “Totally Tubular Top Ten” lists. I’m going to look back at some of the best (and worst) that the world of gaming has to offer. Cheers to a great and spooky time.