Weekly Roundup: 3/13/2016


Many worlds to wonder and even more news to plunder!

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup!


With the recent announcement of the newest installment to the series, there is no surprise that Nintendo is taking its full ride on the train of hype. With the release of the original games, Nintendo has decided to make another move to keep this metaphorical train riding. The newest announcement has been a new mobile game for all mobile devices. The new game, called Pokémon Co-Master, is an homage to the popular series in that the game is focused on battling between two teams of Pokémon, but the style of the game is somewhat Chess-oriented. As of now, the game has only seen a release date in Japan, and the release of that is set for “later this year.” A western release has not yet been announced.

The Division

With the release of Tom Clancy’s newest and (financially) most popular Ubisoft title, some problems have come and gone with it. Some of the more popular issues in the game include server issues, store issues, and some bugs with characters. After a few hours during the first two nights of the release, some changes have been added to the game. One of the biggest fixes include the release of fixes to the servers, and the talent “Trained Talent” has been disabled because it makes for a disadvantage towards end game. So far, the game has been pretty good in my opinion. Every now and then, I will receive a boot from the servers. My connection to Wi-Fi is good where I am, so the issue must come from server problems. This is understandable due to the mass amount of people playing the game so regularly. I feel that this issue will resolve with time. As for the other problems, such as players not being able to push through each other, Ubisoft has said that they are in progress with fixing the problem. As of now, the way to resolve the problem is to run into the character, and after a few seconds, you should pass through the character. Hopefully any other problems, no matter how big or small, will see their repairs in due time.

Fallout 4

In the past few weeks, Fallout 4 has seen some news including some DLC and fixes. Update 1.4 has come in the past month for PC, and this week it has seen its debut on the Xbox and PS4. For those who don’t know about the past update, it adds some more minor fixes to make the game smoother, and it also brings some more patches to allow for support for the DLC coming up. Speaking of the news about the DLC, the first one, called Automatron, has recently seen some news about its achievements and information about the installment. For those that don’t know what the DLC is, it is about an antagonist who builds an army of evil robots, and this DLC focuses on your fight against this antagonist. Along the way, you will pick up robot mods and parts to build your own robot. This DLC will be coming out this month for all the newer systems for about $10.


So this past week has seen a tragedy that can be seen by some as the darkest known. A legendary studio known for making a popular RPG has seen its final days. Lionhead Studios are closing down, and with that, the Fable series has also seen its final days. Fable Legends, their latest title of the popular series, has been cancelled. There hasn’t been reasoning as to why the Studio has closed, but it could be linked to lack of confidence in their new title’s success. This title started in 2004, and it lived for almost a decade. If the game were to come out, it would have broken that decade mark. Who knows? Maybe the newest game could have been horrible, so this could be a good move. It is sad to think of what will happen to the workers, but the employees have been told that they may get jobs in other parts of Microsoft; however, it is always sad to see a popular studio die off. We will miss you, Lionhead studios.

Thunder Round

It’s been a slow week, but have no fear, the releases this week have picked up the slack! Here are the weekly releases!


Tom Clancy’s The Division (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Hitman (PC, Xbox One, PS4)



Bus Simulator 16

American Powerhaul Train Simulator

Xbox One

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition


Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation (3DS)