Totally Tubular Top Ten: Unlockable Characters


Most video game characters are competent enough to make the character enjoy playing the game, but sometimes you just crave more. Luckily, game developers know how much you want more out of the games you love, and some give you what you crave. For this week's Totally Tubular Top 10, we look into the top 10 best unlockable characters in the world of gaming. Sometimes more is more…and just plain weird.

10. Spider-Man (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, 2000)

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does what ever…Tony Hawk can? In the Tony Hawk skater franchise, there are plenty of quirky and memorable unlockable characters, but Spider-Man takes the cake. Being able to play as everyone's favorite web slinging hero allowed them to crank out nonstop melons to their heart's content. He's also incredibly overpowered, but he's part spider so it only seems fitting.

9. Sonic (Super Smash Bros. Brawl, 2008)

Unlocked by brawling for 10 hours, you get to play as this speedy blue insectivore. In a greater cultural collision since peanut butter and chocolate, simulate SEGA's built up anger and frustrations as you use its main mascot to beat all of Nintendo's most beloved to a cute and colorful pulp. You can unlock Sonic easier by completing classic mode with 10 characters, but honestly, you've probably already sunk in 30 plus hours without even trying.

8. Jango Fett (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, 2002)

Unlocked by spending a cool $9000, play as one of the galaxy’s most dangerous bounty hunters. Not only has Jango been regarded as one of the best bounty hunters ever, now he's the sickest skater too. With his selected move set, watch in awe as he performs his signature "jango jump jet" move. Because of his amazing track record, Jango can kill any high score possible, and anyone necessary.

7. Hornet (Fighters Megamix, 1999)

It's possible to be hit by a car, but imagine being HIT by a car, like in the face. In this bonkers fighting game from SEGA, you play as #41 from Daytona USA. Although there isn’t an official voice, there are plenty of revving engines and screeching tires to go around. In order to give the opponents a fair fight, Hornet stands tall on 2 wheels. Punch and jab at your opponent with the other two tires as you take on the form of an automobile shaped person.

6. Colonel Sanders (Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, 2011)

Ain't no thang but a chicken wang! And there ain't no beating like one from the Colonel himself. Of all the characters to encounter in a JRPG, it is safe to assume nobody guessed it would be Colonel Sanders from the famous chicken restaurant, KFC. But here he is, white suit and all. In an odd brand promoting crossover, players can now bring flavor to town. Nothing is more finger licking good than a can of ‘whup-chicken’.

5. Tofu (Resident Evil 2, 1998)

In order to play as the anthropomorphic block of curdled soy milk, the player must first complete The Fourth Survivor mode and beat the Leon A/Claire B storyline three times with an A ranking. It might seem like a lot of work, but gaze upon the beauty that is tofu. But be warned, if you play the hardest segment of Resident Evil 2, the zombies decide to go vegan and eat your fleshy tofu meat.

4. Barack Obama (NBA Jam, 2010)

Prepare to get dunked on by a former president of the United States of America. With an approval rating of 57% and a dunking rank of 100%, prepare to fear the courts when you see Barack Obama step on with a pair of star spangled shorts. Everybody knew there would come a time to see Obama battle Lebron James, but nobody knew they'd be able to play it out. Now he has been the president of the United States and of the courts!

3. Taco Car (Top Gear Overdrive, 1998)

Did you know Taco Car spelt backwards is Raco cat. That doesn't mean anything, but neither does Taco Car. Oh wait, yes it does, because you can play as a taco car in Top Gear Overdrive. The car isn't just decked out in pictures of tacos, it is a literal taco, like with lettuce and everything. If that isn't meals on wheels, I don’t know what is. Looks like this race just got a whole lot spicier.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Colors (Resident Evil Outbreak, 2003)

Keeping in line with the theme of quirky Resident Evil characters, the Outbreak games had a plethora of unlockable characters. Instead of having crazy over the top designs, they are just simplistic stick figures with names that attribute their unique color pallet. Using them changes up the gameplay by adding extremely overpowered character stats. Maybe stick figures are the way of the future, if they can survive the zombie apocalypse?

1. Babymetal (Super Mario Maker, 2015)

If there is a weirder combination than pickle juice and cotton candy, it has to be Babymetal and Super Mario Maker. Already a bizarre combination of J-Pop and Heavy Metal, Babymetal has taken over the mushroom kingdom. Instead of playing as Mario, take control of all three band members as they smash together into one girl group blob. Rock out through the level and bounce on goombas with heavy guitar riffs and cutesy quotes.