Totally Tubular Top Ten:
Romances in Video Games


Love is in the air. Well, so is sulfur dioxide, lead, and stratospheric ozone depleters, but for the moment, let’s focus on love. Gamers have always loved to have a digital companion that they can come home to and turn on with the press of a button. Nothing says love like sitting alone in your room in the dark with your joystick in your hand. Looks like cupid's arrow got stuck in the disc tray as we look at the totally tubular top 10 romances in video games.

10. Kratos and Lysandra (God of War, 2005)

Although she wasn't named until the comic book series, Kratos was madly in love with his wife. No one was able (or willing) to look past the violent rage but Lysandra. Ironically, she was accidentally killed by a violent Kratos. But that didn't stop him from loving her. His intense love for her prompted him to go on a quest to literally kill a god. If that isn't love, then maybe Kratos just has a lot of misplaced anger.

9. Elena and Drake (Uncharted Series, 2007-)

How do you know if you're meant for each other? Clearly this isn't something that Drake and Elena have been able to figure out considering they break up in between each game. But, that hasn't stopped them from growing closer after each adventure is finished. The two get married in between the second and third game. They quickly get divorced, but that's not the point. Just like treasure, their love for each other won't always stay hidden.

8. Mario and Peach (Super Mario Series, 1985-)

Princess Peach and Mario have a complicated relationship. It seems that they spend more time apart than they do together. Whenever Peach gets kidnapped, she always knows she can count on her pudgy boyfriend to rescue her. And to all the naysayers that say they aren't together, their relationship was confirmed on the European Mario website. Nothing will be able to ruin their relationship, not even the fact that she is in constant physical danger.

7. Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem (Army of Two, 2008)

After spending 16 years fighting an ongoing conspiracy, Tyson and Elliot were able to grow their bromance into something special. Knowing they'll have each others backs, they aren't afraid of death. The only thing that's feared is losing their bro. Knowing they won’t always be able to walk side by side has kept them going. They may bicker, but magic is made when they are together on the battlefield.

6. Catherine/Katherine and Vincent (Catherine, 2011)

Poor Vincent Brooks. Not only is he in love with the sane and stable Katherine, but he's also in love with the wild and untamed Catherine. Caught in a vicious love cycle, he faces the very real prospect of death for his cheating ways. Should he stay with the berating and nagging Katherine, or should he live carefree with Catherine? Either way, one of these beauties will be the death of him.

5. Raz and Lili (Psychonauts, 2005)

There is something special about young love at summer camp. Raz and Lili were destined to fall in love from the minute he fell into her life. After saving the world from the evils of Coach Oleander, they are able to share their first kiss. As the building behind them burns, the fire inside of them rises. Two great minds think alike, but all they can think about is each other.

4. Cloud and Aerith (Final Fantasy VII, 1997)

Always flirting with each other, we came to care for Aerith and Cloud. If there was a power couple to root for, it was Cloud and Aerith. They met while she was selling flowers. She was lucky not to get stabbed by all those thorns. Unfortunately, she wasn't lucky enough avoid getting stabbed by a giant sword. It was hard to see who took her death harder: Cloud or the player.

3. Link and Zelda (Zelda series, 1986-)

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be one definitive answer to the question of their relationship status, but that hasn't stopped the internet. Being shipped together harder than peanut butter and jelly, Link and Zelda will always be together in our hearts. The world rejoiced after Zelda finally gave Link a kiss in The Adventure of Link. Love is certainly in Hyrule, and Link will have to smash a lot of pots to pay for a grand wedding for the two.

2. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man (Pac-Man Series, 1980)

No other gaming couple is more identifiable than these two anamorphic yellow blobs. Don't let the Ms. in her name fool you. This lady is spoken for by the formidable Pac-Man. Dominating since the 80's, this power couple has been invading pop culture with their love. Not even constant poltergeists and hauntings can cause distance between the two. They just do what they do best and team up to all eat the evil in the world.

1. Companion Cube (Portal Series, 2007-2011)

No one can be prepared for the heartbreak they will go through from their first and only true love. You will never feel pain the way you did when you betrayed the companion cube. It didn't need words to tell you how betrayed it felt when you murdered it in cold blood. You knew it. But that never stopped the companion cube from loving you. Each of those hearts represent the unconditional and everlasting love the cube has for you. Even after you viciously throw it into the fire, the hearts will never burn off, like its love for you.