Totally Tubular Top Ten:
Resident Evil


To commemorate the release of the newest entry in the long-running horror franchise, let’s take a look back at the best of the best in the world of Resident Evil. Although hitting an occasional snag in the road, this series has been known to pump out some of the best survival horror titles in the genre. The Resident Evil series is also the inspiration for the billion-dollar movie franchise. Here we will explore why RE has been able to scare gamers for 20 years.

10. Resident Evil: Revelations

Starting off the list, let’s look at the game that tried to bring the series back to its horror roots. The SS Queen Zenobia proved that any location can be home to some truly grotesque and horrific and terrifying set pieces. Just when you thought it was safe to rescue people from a meat locker! Mixing elements of both new and old RE games, Revelations was the start of a new chapter in the franchise.

9. Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2

Taking place during the peak of the T-Virus outbreak, players control a variety of survivors as they try to escape Raccoon City. Each of the survivors possesses unique abilities that allow for a new level of strategy. Featuring five scenarios, characters can battle the infected in the subway, the police department, or the elusive Umbrella facility. There's even a zombie elephant. And by including online co-op, Evil was finally able to go online.

8. Resident Evil (1996)

Going back to the beginning, this 1996 classic propelled the survival horror genre to terrifying new heights. Granted, the cheesy dialogue ruined some of the tension, but no one will forget the first time they soiled themselves because a zombie dog crashed through the window. Zombies, hunters, and tyrants galore prove to be a challenge around every corner. Sadly, it has aged more akin to milk than wine, but its mark on the gaming industry will never die.

7. Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Poor Claire Redfield can't ever seem to escape the horrors of the Umbrella company. After waking up on an Umbrella-owned island prison, she continues her search for her brother Chris. Featuring many series firsts like dual-wielding and first-person, this title also helped the series nail down the over the top action that it later became known for. No other game’s opening ever quite matched Claire running from a shooting helicopter.

6. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Jill Valentine returns to star in the series' third title. Trying to escape Raccoon City, she is ruthlessly hunted down by the hulking Nemesis. Armed with a rocket launcher and a rotten attitude, Nemesis will stop at nothing to kill Jill. Players won't be lucky enough to outrun Nemesis; he will always catch them. Anxiety is always at a high as the player decides whether that sound around the corner is a zombie, or the unstoppable Nemesis.

5. Resident Evil 5

Considered to be a very controversial title, Resident Evil 5 tends to divide players. Some like the frantic action, while others feel it strays too strongly from the series' roots. Regardless of opinions, Resident Evil 5 is an amazingly fun game to play. No other game sees the main character punching boulders in an active volcano. Chris might have played like a tank made of flesh, but he made for some great mindless action scenes.

4. Resident Evil 7

Surprising everyone, Resident Evil 7 has proven that the classic RE formula is still just as engaging and scary as ever. Severely pulling back on most of the zany action that has tainted the series, RE 7 caused enough dread to scare an entirely new console generation. By switching the game to a first-person perspective, players were put into Ethan Winter's shoes. While they may not be zombies, the Bakers show that even the humblest of families can be terrifying.

3. Resident Evil 2

How did Capcom follow up the hit game Resident Evil? They completely blew it out of the water with Resident Evil 2. Building upon everything that made the first game great, RE 2 increased the scope of the game, enemy varieties, and overall replayability. Players have the chance to choose between 4 scenarios and are also finally able to explore Raccoon City. If they were up to the challenge, they could also play as a giant block of tofu.

2. Resident Evil: Remake

Although the first Resident Evil is a classic, it is not without its flaws. When remade for the GameCube, the Resident Evil Remake turned the campy classic into a truly grueling experience in sheer horror. Although the game is a remake of the original, it has enough additional content to justify it as its own game. Lisa Trevor's cries ring through the grand halls and make every hair on the player's body stand on end.

1. Resident Evil 4

Not only is Resident Evil 4 the best game in the franchise, it is one of the greatest games ever made. The gameplay of the franchise changed drastically into an over-the-shoulder shooter, but that doesn’t mean that the game lost its fear factor. The enemies were both smarter and tougher in this game. When you first hear the revving of the chainsaw, you know you're not gonna make it out of this one alive.