Totally Tubular Top Ten: Music Games


Nothing is more tubular than blasting some totally tubular top tunes. Music makes everyone feel happy, just like video games. Marrying the two together helps to create a new hybrid that casts pitch black shadows over other famous combinations like peanut butter and chocolate. In the music genre, music games must be at the top of their game to win over the crowd. Pun intended. In this week's Totally Tubular Top Ten, we look at the headliners of the music game genre. What does it take to be more than a one hit wonder? Read on to find out.

10. D.J. Hero (2009)

The video game industry has some kooky gimmicks. Ranging from maracas to personal robots, there is nothing that can't be used as a controller, including D.J. Hero's turntable controller. Gimmicks aside, it is a surprisingly fun rhythm game that brings a different type of musical rhythm that is surprisingly refreshing in a sea of rock and roll. Being able to splice together plenty of rap and techno songs can make any player feel like a cool guy with a laptop in a crowded bar.

9. Tony Hawk's Underground (2003)

Although it's not necessarily a music based game, Tony Hawk's Underground has a soundtrack that sticks to the player like a board to a metal railing. The music that plays in the background as you pop heel flips and ollies perfectly encompasses the atmosphere. The mixture of Kiss, Sublime, and Queens of the Stone Age into a wonderful hodgepodge causes this title to be considered a great music game.

8. Elite Beat Agents (2006)

Mix a jukebox with an overbearing government and you get the quirkiness of Elite Beat Agents. Tasked with helping citizens out of their daily predicaments, the "Elite Beat Agents" bust a move to help save the world one tap at a time. The high-energy gameplay matches the upbeat and cheery music that blasts out of the tiny DS speakers. Based on your performance, you can either save the world or screw it up beyond repair. So, you know, no pressure or anything.

7. Mario Paint

Marketed as the MS Paint of the SNES, Mario Paint introduced the world to the Mario Paint Composer. This little tool allows people to live out their 8-bit fantasies by granting them tools to compose any musical melody they can think of. Obviously, people can use this to recreate their favorite pop songs, because, who wouldn't rather listen to a shoddy remake. To this day, people are still using it to pump out tunes from the mushroom kingdom.

6. PaRappa the Rapper (1996)

“You Gotta Believe!” in this anamorphic dog as he spits out sick rhymes in this 1996 PlayStation rhythm game. For the player, the constant pressure of the "U Rappin" keeps them at the top of their hip-hop game. Busting a rhyme helped bust Parappa into the heart of every music game lover.

5. Just Dance series (2009-)

As fun as pushing buttons on a controller is, there is something special about getting up and actually dancing. Busting a move to "Heart of Glass" or "Wannabe" with your grandma can bring out some of the best joys that gaming has to offer. The accessibility of Just Dance makes it a great party game that anybody can hop into. Everyone will be jealous at the club when you start whipping out Just Dance moves on the dancefloor.

4. Rock Band (2007)

When the creators of Rock Band wanted to get everybody involved in the game, they really threw in everything possible. It wouldn't be surprising if the next installment includes a kitchen sink as a peripheral. Having your best friend on the drums and your pet dog on the mic can make you all feel like The Beatles. The biggest flaw is that you have to get a big group involved to really get the full experience. But for those without friends, it is more than acceptable to try to play all the parts at once.

3. SingStar series (2004-)

Horribly belting out the lyrics to your favorite songs is one of America's favorite past times. However, getting judged for it may not be. But that hasn't stopped SingStar from inspiring countless tone deaf gamers to be ridiculed and judged by a digital critic. It may seem simple enough, but the game knows when you are fibbing your lines, and will let you know it. Whether you want to be better than Brittney Spears, or just prove something to yourself, SingStar will prove to be anything but a one-hit wonder.

2. Dance Dance Revolution (1998-)

Step on the arrows as they appear on the screen. That's it. For how simple the game sounds, it's an absolute blast to play. The high energy and upbeat music is only matched by the intense gameplay that allows everyone to show off their inner ballerina. Who needs professional dancers when you know for a fact you can beat all their dance movies with your four-step combo.

1.Guitar Hero series (2005-)

Is that a guitar in your hands? Wait what? That's just a plastic game controller? Well good news for you, because you are holding one of the greatest music gaming peripherals ever. No longer are you subjected to out of tune air guitars. Gamers can jam out to Guitar Hero and prove to everyone that they really are the greatest guitar player.