Totally Tubular Top Ten: Launch Titles


Behind every good console is a strong video game. As a gamer, nothing can get more thrilling than watching the newest and greatest video game console. However, a new video game system isn't too much to get excited about if it doesn't have an amazing game to go alongside it. For this week's Totally Tubular Top Ten, we look at the best launch titles that came out alongside a brand new video game console.

10. Killzone Shadow Fall (PlayStation 4, 2013)

The purpose of a launch title is to show off the true potential of what a brand new system is capable of. While the gameplay was nothing special, the visuals were the real star of the game. Comparable to high end PC games, Killzone Shadow Fall has breathtaking graphics that still shine to this day. If this was just to show what Sony's fourth console was capable of, gamers realized they were in for a real treat.

9. Soulcalibur (Sega Dreamcast, 1999)

Labeled as one of the best arcade fighting games, Sega ported over the popular Soulcalibur game to its newly launched Dreamcast. By convincing people to buy the Dreamcast, players could sit and fight their friends for hours without having to spend another quarter. Combining a tight combat system and virtually endless gameplay, Soulcalibur became one of the must own games at launch.

8. Resistance: Fall of Man (Sony PlayStation 3, 2006)

When the PlayStation 3 first launched, there weren’t very many good games that came out. Luckily, Resistance: Fall of Man was able to provide players with a reason for dropping $500 dollars on a system. Basing its story off an alternate timeline, players get to battle through the mid 20th century, blasting away at Chimera as they struggle to save the world. Alongside that, the multiplayer was home to 40-player battles that would be fun for everyone.

7. Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64, 1996)

It's not uncommon for Nintendo to launch their consoles with a new Mario game, but it's also not uncommon for them to be amazing. Super Mario 64 went on to receive numerous "Game of the Year" awards, eventually becoming the best-selling Nintendo 64 game. The presentation of the game was phenomenal, with colorful level design and genre defining 3-D platforming. And who doesn't love that bubbly soundtrack?

6. Halo: Combat Evolved (Microsoft Xbox, 2001)

In the early 2000's, Halo was known as the definitive first person shooter of its time. Multiplayer is where Halo: Combat Evolved made a name for itself. Players would join each other for some alien-butt kicking missions. It helped push the FPS genre towards the over the top sci-fi that is currently trending. It was also the start of a new IP that would somehow surpass the predecessor in terms of quality and epicness.

5. Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1985)

For many gamers, Super Mario Bros was their first introduction to the character Mario. Featuring what is considered iconic gameplay, the player would take control of Mario and guide him to save the princess from the treacherous Bowser. With its simple to play, but hard to master gameplay mechanic, you run your way through the level while bouncing on blocks to collect coins. Although he was introduced in earlier games, Super Mario Bros. is where Mario started to become the star he is today.

4. Call of Duty 2 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2005)

Building upon the foundation of what made the original Call of Duty such a great game, Call of Duty 2 turned everything up to the next level. Featuring beautiful graphics, it set itself apart from Microsoft's other premiere shooting franchise, Halo. Players were able to lose themselves in a grounded, semi-realistic war zone. Accompanied with some of the best controls in the industry, Call of Duty made people love their brand new Xbox 360.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch, 2017)

Nintendo has a habit of launching their consoles with not only some of the best launch titles, but some of the best video games ever made. Although it has just come out, Breath of the Wild is being praised as one of greatest games ever. Although it wasn't broken, Nintendo switched up the average Zelda formula in favor of a more open world sandbox approach. This allows the player to not only feel like the game is their own adventure, but that they are a true warrior.

2. Tetris (Nintendo Gameboy, 1989)

Although the gameplay is simple, Tetris has become a worldwide phenomenon that anybody can pick up and play. The system would sell as parents would buy it for their kids while secretly itching to play the addictive puzzler themselves. Connect the blocks in a row to clear the line and earn points. But, if you're not careful with your placement, it could be game over very soon.

1. Wii Sports (Nintendo Wii, 2006)

Although it was included with every new Nintendo Wii system, Wii Sports has become a smashing success. Everyone and their grandparents has played Wii bowling. Although there isn't much to the gameplay, it showcases the full potential of gaming with full motion controls. It has gone on to sell a staggering 80+ million copies. Just make sure to wear your wrist strap before wiimotes start flying violently through the air.