Life is Truly Strange


Have you ever been playing only a few certain types of video game styles your whole life? Whether that is a first person-shooter to an RPG. You are just always playing those certain few types of games. Well I know I have and after a while I started to get sick of the normal, kill that, hit that, go here or take this. I finally had enough of this and decided that I was going to be the only person who was going to be able to change what I play. So, once I had finally decided that I needed something different in my video game life, I started to look on steam for some games that I never even thought about playing (this was of course during a steam sale). So, after some long searching for the my next perfect game that I would want to play, I finally came upon something that I never had even imagined on playing, but the reviews that were posted were nothing but positive with a striking 10 out of 10 from the players. So, of course I had to get a better look at the game and its developers. The thing that I noticed at first glance, was the stunning way in which the video graphics looked like. It was something that I never really got in a game. The graphics were not looking life like but had a visual appeal to them that made it stand out. The details and design that they put into it seemed to just pop from the screen. So, from this moment, I knew I had to buy the game. Now giving some insight on Life is Strange, it is an episodic graphic adventure, which means that you can make multiple choices for your character and the game is based on episodes (or basically, the next level of the game). These episodes are released like a TV show. They will have about five or ten episodes and release them every couple of weeks or so with each episode taking about one hour to complete. Within these episodes, they are telling a story and are digging deeper and deeper into the main plot.

Life is Strange, is a story about a girl named Max, who by some mysterious force is able to turn back time but only a small amount and is able to change and get different outcomes with the problems and challenges that she faces in her life. This concept of time travel is seen right from the first 15 minutes of game play. This ability to time travel and have the capability to change your outcome of events was something that I had never seen in a game and it change my view of video games forever. Like any other fantastic game that I have played, I had to finish the game as soon as I possibly could and since I bought the game after all five of the episodes were released, I was able to. I do not think I could have standed the idea of having to wait weeks or even months waiting for the next episode to come out. This was just how amazing the game truly was to me and never playing anything else like it, made it more superb to me.

After telling you just how amazing the game was from first glance. I now want to examine the game itself in general. When you are first introduced into the game play it is in a third-person perspective and you are playing as Max, a female high school student that just moved back to her old town and is getting to know everyone once again. She then runs into her old friend Chloe who is a lot different the Max remembers but even before Max is able to first talk to Chloe again her powers come into play, and everything that Max knows is changed in an instant. I think that right from the beginning, the game is able to grab you and make you feel for these characters and make you feel like you are truly making the right decisions. You can embody the character and affect other characters throughout the game by being able to make the decision you think is best. You can either be the good guy or the bad guy. This was another instance that I found fantastic. You truly had to remember and connect with some of the characters to know what you have to say to them or others about situations throughout the game. Some of these situations even tended to be life or death instances which really hyped up the game. So, not only was the games story fantastic to be a part of, you got to see at the end of each episode, what other players decided to do in the main situations that occurred. This was also another very interesting feature of the game that made it stand out to me in a positive way. But one of the best things that I felt came from this game was the soundtrack. To me, music is one of the biggest things that will either help a game or destroy it and the soundtrack for Life is Strange is one of the best soundtracks that I think they could have put together and the follow up game, which is Life is Strange Before the Storm was somehow even better. The music that they use is able to push the narrative in a way that is capable of furthering the story and pushes the emotions that you have while playing. Playing first hand, the visual feelings being shown and then the audio that is incorporated into it, truly make it a video game that you feel you are a part of. This above anything else, made me feel the emotion that came from the game and made me want to do everything right. It made me imagine that it was someone's actual life or my own that was being played.

In the end, I think that being able to get out of your comfort zone of playing the same video game genre is something that everyone should do. I never would have thought about playing such a game as Life is Strange, but it was one of the best things that I could have done. I never knew that so much emotion could come from one video game and spark a wave of interest into something new. As for Life is Strange by itself, I believe that this is a great starting point for those who want to broaden their horizon in video games and experience something so much more than you could imagine. Through the compelling story made by the visual effects and character development to the soundtrack that brings emotion out. Life is Strange, still to this day, is one of the best video games experiences that I have ever had and made me fall in love with a new genre of video games.

Overall, I would give Life is Strange a 10/10