Grab a friend: Ultimate Chicken Horse


Do you ever wish you had more games to play with your friends when they come over? Well look no further! Grab a friend, grab a PC, and get ready to play Ultimate Chicken Horse!

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a 2D game based on the popular children’s game, Horse. It was made by Clever Endeavor Games in early 2016 and was extremely well received by, well, everyone. It is available on Steam for $15.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is based all around the game Horse. For anyone who may not recall this game, it is basketball game. One person will make some kind of adjustment to a shot, and then the rest of the players have to match it. Ultimate Chicken Horse does a great job of emulating that in a silly, almost childish way. The main point of the game is to get to the other side. To do so, players will have to pick an object (their adjustment), place it somewhere, and then try to get to the end. This seems like a simple enough idea, and it is. This is the main point of the game. It is a simple game with a very easy learning curve. You can move, jump, and wall climb. All three mechanics shouldn’t be new for any returning gamer, but for anyone who doesn’t know how to do these things, they have very little time to wait before they can run with the big dogs (or horses in this case). Wall jumping is the only hard mechanic, and to do it, just move your character in the direction of the wall continuously while jumping. The mechanics are simple and fun, but they are definitely not only the reason this game is so entertaining.

On top of the game being fun due to its idea and mechanics, the game really stands out as a classic, go-to party game because of the multitude of unlocks available compared to the other games on this list. The game starts you off with just two or three maps and four characters. There are a total of 10 maps and 7 characters. That means that there are 11 different unlockables to find! It may not seem like a lot, but for another 2D four player game, that is quite a bit! To get them, you just have to play the game! Not only is the unlocking system simple and easy, it also allows for each player to get to know the game and each map before getting a new one. This is such a nice and simple way to unlock things. The game is geared towards fun and simple gameplay, and the way unlocks are made couldn't fit the game any better. Once you have played enough, a box with a question mark will appear in-game. All you have to do is get to the box and finish the level to get the unlock.

The unlocks are great, but they are there to keep the player interested in new things. Well, once new things are gone, what is left? Options and variations, of course! The game has 3 game modes: party, creative, and free play. Party mode is classic Ultimate Chicken Horse. Players get points in a plethora of different ways, including being the only one to finish the course, or making other players fail. The first player to reach the final score wins, unless there is a time restriction. In that case, it is whoever has the most points at the end. This mode is really the bread and butter for parties or people who haven’t played it a lot. For those who may be a little more experienced or want a slightly different experience, than creative mode is for you. It has all of the same stipulations as party mode, but it allows the players to pick more than one object per person; That is the only difference between the two modes. The final mode, free play, is exactly that. Free play. There are no restrictions, no rules, really no anything at all. It is just a time for the player to experiment with the objects, make a weird contraption, explore the relatively small maps, or just do whatever the heart desires. This mode is probably the best mode to teach someone what everything does if they don’t already know.

The reason I chose this game is because of the amount of fun that can come from the it. If you don’t have any friends near you, then you can play online. If you get bored of the first couple of maps, there are unlocks available to the player allowing for more gameplay. The mechanics are simple enough that you could play this game with mostly anyone, and it is kid friendly so there is no worry about it being too inappropriate or vulgar. The game itself is relatively cheap at $15.00 USD on Steam, and for the price it asks, it provides countless hours of intense, fun fueled competition between friends.

I highly recommend playing this game with your friends. It has brought me and my friends hours of fun and laughter, and I couldn’t be more excited to spread the joy.