8 Underrated Gaming Youtubers That Are Worth Watching


When I’m not playing video games, one of my favorite things to do in my spare time is watch videos on Youtube of people talking about or playing them. Given how much time I’ve spent on the gaming side of Youtube, I figured I would compile a list of content creators that I feel are worth your time. I’ve chosen to limit this list to gaming Youtubers with under 500K subscribers, since creators with a higher sub count than that are pretty well recognized within the gaming community to begin with, so talking about them wouldn’t be very productive. I’ve also chosen to list two of what I think are the best videos videos for each creator on this list to help introduce you to their stuff. Just a quick disclaimer: the majority of the channels featured on this list can be pretty vulgar, so viewer beware to anyone who is sensitive to that sort of thing. With that out of the way, let’s get into the list.


Valefisk is a creator I discovered pretty soon before I began writing this list, so he just barely made it on. While I haven’t gotten around to watching a lot of his content, the videos I did watch are very entertaining. His videos are almost exclusively about empire-based strategy games like Civilization, Hearts of Iron, Stellaris, and Europa Universalis. His best videos take the form of tutorials on how to play these games in the most absurd ways, such as with his Art of Border Gore videos in which he attempts to build his empire in a way that makes the in-game world’s borders look as hideous as humanly possible. If you’re into any of the four games I listed, I would highly suggest giving him a watch. Recommended videos: How to Play HARDCORE Civ VI, Stellaris: Utopia | Wiping out all Sentient Life in the Entire Galaxy


Before turning to Youtube and Twitch streaming, SimpleFlips used to speedrun Super Mario 64 ROM hacks. This history shows in his videos, as the bulk of them involve ROM hacks for Super Mario 64 that usually take a great deal of skill to complete. He is extremely skilled at the games he plays, and he capitalizes on this to make entertaining content. On top of that, his fanbase is a pretty interesting internet subculture that has spawned a lot of different memes. One downside is that outside of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Maker, Simpleflips rarely expands his content to other games, and I doubt that’s going to change anytime soon. If you want to watch someone very skillfully play custom Super Mario 64 ROM hacks and Mario Maker levels while meme songs constantly play in the background, then his stream highlights are perfect for you. Recommended videos: The BLJ, Super Mario 64: User Created Levels


Now here is a guy that puts a lot of thought into his videos. TheGamingBritShow’s content consists of his opinions on various games and aspects of games presented in great detail. As you watch any of his videos, you can tell that he very firmly supports and is knowledgeable about the things he’s talking about. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a video by him without being sold on what he’s saying to a certain degree. It should be noted that he does tend to go against the grain when it comes to which games he’s critical of (he bashes Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and the Ratchet and Clank reboot pretty heavily), but to me that only makes hearing his reasoning for disliking those games that much more interesting. Recommended videos: How Ratchet Lost Its Edge - 2002 Original VS 2016 Reboot Comparison, Why Metal Gear Solid 5 is Disappointing


There isn’t much to say about yakko other than that he makes funny and entertaining content. His videos are made in a way that both informs you on the game the video is about, while also having plenty of comedic edits to make you laugh throughout. A lot of people like to call him a copy of videogamedunkey, and while it is pretty clear he draws quite a bit of inspiration from dunkey’s videos, his own style of comedy is unique enough to stand on its own. He’s definitely someone worth checking out. Recommended videos: Welcome to Sonic Forces, Welcome to Super Mario Odyssey


I would recommend HyperBitHero for the same reason as I would recommend TheGamingBritShow. His videos provide in-depth commentary on many different aspects of games. As someone who is very interested in the character writing aspect of games, his Devious Intent series in which he analyzes various video game villains is pretty entertaining to watch. He does include humor in his videos, but it is very subtle and not used very often, which is fine for his style of content. Like TheGamingBritShow, his opinion does tend to go against the grain, but it’s not quite as often as GamingBrit, and his more critical videos focus more on specific negative aspects of a game rather than the game in its entirety. What I also respect about him is that he doesn’t make his videos with the intention of getting a lot of views, but instead focuses on making solid content. He turns off ads and sets the age restriction of his videos, which sacrifices his own visibility in order to have his videos free of censorship, which makes him all the more deserving of being on this list of recommendations. Recommended videos: Vergil (DmC: Devil May Cry) | Devious Intent, The Disappointing Aspects of the Last of Us


Haedox makes some pretty interesting opinion pieces related to games. These range from reviews of recent games to rants on shady video game companies to video essays on certain aspects of gaming. Regardless of the topic, it’s easy to tell that Haedox puts a lot of thought into his opinions, and he uses quite a bit of evidence to support his reasoning in his non-review videos. On top of that, he is a very talented editor. The footage he uses relates very well to the topic being discussed, and his transitions are smooth as silk. If you want to see a fairly unique perspective on games, then Haedox might be worth looking into. Recommended videos: Activision is Awful, Why Sonic Games Don’t Suck


I haven’t been the biggest fan of Let’s Play channels lately due to the fact that I think the subgenre is pretty low-effort, but the amount of effort that goes into SuperMega’s content is much greater than other channels that make this sort of content. Not only do Matt and Ryan (the two minds behind this channel) edit their own daily videos, but they also edit for Game Grumps and sometimes OneyPlays on the side. As a byproduct of their sheer amount of experience, their videos are very well-edited. Aside from that, their commentary is hilarious their style of comedy is pretty unique, and they sometimes make some entertaining real-life content. Definitely watch some of their stuff if you’re looking for a good laugh. Recommended videos: Pokemon Go At Area 51, 2 Grown Ass Men Play Club Penguin


I decided to save the best for last. This guy makes some amazing content. Not only do his videos cover a wide range of topics on video games, but they’re presented in a way that is hilarious and entertaining to watch. Jakey’s videos fall into several different series, with my personal favorite being his ‘X in Video Games’ series in which he talks about a certain element in games and which games implement it well and which don’t. Some of these elements are pretty mundane and specific, such as beer, dogs, and clothing, yet Jakey somehow manages to make excellent and insightful videos about them. Another great series of his is his ‘Games That Should Bang’ series where he describes his idea for a game that perfectly blends elements from two different preexisting games (just the title of that series alone should give you an idea of his style of content). His ‘If Movies were Games’ series is also great, even though it’s currently only comprised of two videos. In this series, Jakey describes what he believes would be an ideal video game adaptation of different movies, and it’s clear that he puts a lot of thought into these ideas. NakeyJakey is one of my favorite channels on YouTube, and when I went back to watch some of his videos in order to write this entry on the list, I found myself watching much more videos than I needed to. I highly recommend this channel to literally anyone who uses YouTube and plays video games, his videos are just that great to watch. Recommended videos: If Movies Were Games - 28 Days Later, Save Points in Video Games