Game Plan: NFL Street 3


NFL Street 3 is a fast-paced, fun, arcade-style football game created by EA Sports. It was released in 2006 and is the third addition to the NFL Street series. It can be played on either PlayStation 2 or PSP. NFL Street 3 has a lot of the same features as the previous title while also adding many more. NFL Street is played in a 7 vs. 7 format in 4 quarters. Just like in the NBA Street series, NFL Street 3 features a gamebreaker mode players can unlock to do awesome moves. NFL Street 3 also features many fun game features that will keep people playing for hours. The different moves you can use in this version of NFL Street 3 also make the game very enjoyable. There are all new juke moves, barrels, and boxes you can use to shake off your opponent, as well. Lastly, the new fields are fun to play on.

NFL Street 3 has 6 different gameplay features players can use. The first is just the standard exhibition mode. This is where you can play a regular 7 vs. 7 game with any of the available NFL teams. They updated the gameplay so you can make even more fun off-the-wall and dive tackle maneuvers in this feature. The next gameplay mode they created is a blast, as well: Respect the Street. This is a single player mode where players get to play against different NFL players and NFL teams all over the country. Winning these helps you get attributes, gear, and of course respect. You also open new areas to play at, new playbooks, and you can pick different players off teams that you beat. The Respect the Street feature is the heart of this game. The next mode you can play is Time Attack. These games make it so you have possession of the ball for a minute, and if you don’t score within that time the possession changes to the other team, no matter where the ball is. Play Elimination is also a fun feature they added to this game. This feature doesn’t let you choose negative yard plays, and no play can be chosen twice. The first player to eliminate all of their opponent’s plays is the winner. The last game mode is called Bank. This puts both teams’ gamebreaker points into a “bank,” and whoever gets to a gamebreaker gets to use both players’ gamebreakers. To win, you have to reach a certain number of gamebreaker points. These game features are just one aspect of what makes NFL Street 3 fun.

The various locations on this version of NFL Street are enjoyable, as well. All of the locations in NFL Street 3 are places that have an NFL team. The locations in NFL Street 3 include Atlanta, California, Chicago, Cincinnati, Colorado, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Miami, Michigan, Missouri, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, Texas, and Washington D.C. At some locations, you get to play by famous landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or The Chicago Theatre in Illinois. There are also some wild card locations, including a rooftop, a street, a hangar, and a warehouse. The locations are definitely a big improvement over past games.

The update to the gamebreakers in this game helped incredibly. In previous years of NFL and NBA Street, if you get a gamebreaker, there is simply no stopping it. In NFL Street 3, they finally fixed that and you aren’t just granted a touchdown while using your gamebreaker. This fix really makes sense, as before you pretty much had to watch your opponent run all over you while you sat there. Now you have a chance to stop them. Another update they made allows you to bank gamebreakers and use them later. They allow you to bank up to 3 at a time before you have to start using them. This also helps because now you don’t have to use a gamebreaker right away before you start working on the next one. These updates to the gamebreaker feature made the game more accessible for players who don’t always get the gamebreakers.

NFL Street 3 did a great job at continuing what they did right in previous games while still updating or adding to an already great game. The gameplay features they added are loads of fun and will keep you playing for hours. To me, the Respect the Street and Exhibition modes are the most fun to play and the best parts of the game. Just like NBA Street Vol. 2, this is one of the best football video games I will highlight, but it set a standard for other football video games to reach to. The gameplay features, updates, and locations to play in make this game one of the best sports video games out there.