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NCAA Football 13 is a NCAA Football game created by EA sports. It was created in 2012, and is 19th edition of the NCAA Football series. It was also the 2nd to last one created, because of legal issues. NCAA Football 13 continued the trend by bringing back their already exciting game modes and features. NCAA Football 13 was also the first NCAA Football cover to feature two players, one of them being a hall-of-fame player. This was because of an exciting new feature unveiled for this title, called Heisman Challenge which was an expansion of the Road to Glory mode. NCAA Football also made many improvements from the previous year including additions to Dynasty mode, Reaction Time, and Roster Share.

NCAA Football 13’s biggest improvement was the addition of Heisman Challenge. As mentioned previously, this was an extension of Road to Glory mode, but with Heisman Award Winners. Players can pick from the Heisman winners, put them on different teams, and attempt to beat their old records, or win the Heisman again. This feature was interesting because you can take your favorite Heisman winner through high school and college football to make them the greatest. The Heisman Winners available to choose from are Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen, Doug Flutie, Desmond Howard, Charlie Ward, Andre Ware, Eddie George, and Herschel Walker.

Despite the new Heisman Challenge mode, Road to Glory mode was still included, and there were many additions. Road to Glory mode allows players to create their own athletes and let them play through high school, pick a college to go to, and become the best at their position. This was the first year you could download a team and use them in your high school career. When you pick your college you have to work your way to becoming the starter in practice and beating any people ahead of you. You can beef up your athlete by getting XP points and using them to get better attributes. You can play all four year of the college experience in this mode. It also allows you to switch positions if you would like to. There is so much to do when playing this feature and there is a reason it has been and will always be one of the staples of the NCAA Football series.

This year of NCAA Football also featured a roster share for players. This allowed players to download rosters that had actual names instead of just random numbers for players. Players could also download rosters that had fun different features like celebrity teams or all-time great teams. This was most fun because you could download teams with actual names and play in Dynasty mode. Dynasty mode is a mode that lets you take over as coach of a college team and try to build them into a dynasty. This feature lets you see how players develop over their years at your school. Dynasty mode was definitely improved on from the year before. This year’s recruiting feature was realistic and fun, as you try to get players to come to your school. They also made sure the new rules in college football reflect in the game as well. Dynasty mode, just like Road to Glory mode, will always be a staple of what made NCAA Football so fun. You could take small schools and turn them into powerhouses. Unfortunately, rosters were one of the reason that this game was discontinued.

NCAA Football got discontinued after NCAA Football 14. This was due to the ongoing lawsuit concerning the players in-game looking too much like the actual players. Ultimately, this meant that the NCAA would have to pay those players that were portrayed in previous games, which in turn led to EA Sports discontinuing the game. Many have since called for new games. However, this would be tricky to do because they would need to find a way around paying the players. Many have suggested that EA Sports create the game without including real athletes’ likenesses, and enabling players to use shared rosters instead. Let’s hope one day we can get a new NCAA Football game, because they really were a blast play and have been missed by many.

NCAA Football 13 will always be one of the best football games created. This is due to its Dynasty, Road to Glory, and Heisman Challenge modes. They are so fun to play, especially if you are a huge college football fan. It’s a blast to attempt making a team or player one of the best in history. The improvements made were also a big reason to why this game was so successful. Overall, this game is a blast to play and hopefully we will see a new one someday.