Levels of Horror: Emily wants to play


Hey-o to my readers! Welcome to my next article, in which I talk about the survival horror game Emily Wants to Play, which was released on December 10th, 2015. This game is very similar to Five Night at Freddy's, as they both use time as a way to increase the difficulty. The FNAF games use nights in which the player has to survive 6 hours, but in this game the player only has to survive one night. However, this night is split into 6 distinct hours, and with each hour the game gets harder. You, the player, play as a pizza delivery guy who gets trapped in a house as he delivers his last pizza of the night, and has to try to survive all 6 hours.

Each hour of this game introduces a new doll and a new challenge to overcome depending on the doll one might face. During the first hour of the game, the player gets to walk around the house and observe all of his/her surroundings. I would recommend exploring the entire house before the hour is up, so that you can get a lay of the land to figure out where certain things are (like the lights for the individual rooms). This time also allows the gamer to get used to the mechanics that will be used throughout the game. While walking around, the player can find all 3 of the dolls who will appear in the game resting in various around the house. However, once finding one of them, it moves or disappears, making the noise that it uses throughout the game. But don't make the mistake of trying to go into the basement without first finding the passage that can lead you down there without getting killed by Emily.

Moving onto the 2nd hour of the game, which starts at midnight, you get to deal with Kiki, a really creepy Asian doll. When walking into the kitchen, one can see a whiteboard telling you not to look at her. Don't follow those instructions. They are there to mess with you, to get you to do the opposite of what you actually need to do in order to survive that hour. Kiki likes to appear out of nowhere when you aren't expecting her, and giggles to get your attention. If you try to turn away from her, she will slowly move towards you until she eventually gets close enough to kill you. The player will need to stare at her until she eventually disappears. This won't permanently get rid of her, though; she will continue to appear for the rest of that hour. When disappearing, she will usually turn off the lights so the player will be left in the dark until they turn them back on. Not only does she appear for this hour, but she also appears for the majority of the rest of the night, except in a few of the hours. Some say that Kiki appears to be playing a game of peek-a-boo with the character, or even resembles the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.

In the 3rd hour of the game, the player is introduced to the clown, Mr. Tatters, who plays a game of Stop and Go with the player. This doll brings a whole new definition to creepy clowns, as he starts to laugh evilly when he wishes to play. When looking at the whiteboard again, it says to run away, which is also wrong. The player has to stay absolutely still when Mr. Tatters appears. Yes, even moving the mouse to look around is considered moving by this evil clown. When he finally leaves, he will sigh and disappear, and will also occasionally turn the lights off when he leaves a room. This doll will stay active until around 4AM, when Emily makes her first appearance to play with the character. Also, don't forget that Kiki is also active during this time along with Mr. Tatters.

During the 3rd hour, the player gets to meet the doll named Chester, who plays a game of Tag with the player. The one way to get away from him when you hear is noise is to leave the room you're in. When you do, Chester loses and disappears, turning off the light in that one room. However, if he appears in the basement, the player can never get away, usually guaranteeing death because he never disappears. The player only has to deal with Chester during this hour, but don't forget about Mr. Tatters and Kiki. If you are unfortunate enough to get stuck in a room with both Chester and Mr. Tatters, you can hopefully get out of the room within the first few seconds of Red Light Green Light.

Now during the 4th hour, the player has to play a game of Hide and Seek with Emily. She gives you a minute and a half to search all over the house to find where she is hiding, but if she isn't found, the player dies. This continues the entire rest of the night, as she randomly appears either on the first floor or in the basement. When you do find her, you must get close enough without actually touching her, as that causes the character to die with a jump scare.

For the final hour of the night, the player has to deal with all the dolls at the same time while also playing Hide and Seek with Emily. It seems impossible, but it isn't, as long as you have a good strategy to get past all the other characters and find her. The player must play all the games for each of the dolls: Peek-a-Boo, Red Light Green Light, Tag, and Hide and Seek.

Overall, Emily Wants to Play is a really good representation of the horror genre. It gives you the thrill of running for your life from a bunch of creepy dolls who just want to kill you. Each time you die, you are usually surprised by a variety of jump scares, depending on the doll that you are dealing with. The story is really good in this game, as you get a sneak peek with each recorder or note that you find around the house. I would recommend this for anyone who likes a good scare or just anyone that likes FNAF. It can be found in the Steam store for $4.99, but it is also available for Android and IOS users. If you are unable to buy it, there are always options to look at playthroughs to see if you like it. Hope you enjoyed this article! See you soon for the next one!

~Rain-Chan (zoeybird1997)