Review: Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator


What’s up my roundtable, my name is Excaliber596 and why am I doing this? Please tell me, why am I writing this review? It’s a game made by the Game Grumps, and if you are subscribed to their channel on Youtube (myself included) or even know who they are, you’re probably just gonna play it anyway just for the expectation of out of control laughter. However, this was the first thing I could think of to review until I finish my next 3DS game review, so here we go I guess.

Dream Daddy is a dating simulator voiced and created by the people at Game Grumps and many other noticeable Youtubers and internet voice actors including Natewantstobattle, Erin Schmafeld of Hot Pepper Gaming, and according to the game, a pig named Chris P. Bacon. I am not kidding, the credits list one of the main love interests as a pig named Chris P. Bacon, but this is absolutely no surprise if you know the creators. And as the name of the game suggests, the game is about dating dads.

You start off by creating your character, which is immediately hilarious as you find out the customizability of your character. You can dress up to be any of the cast of Game Grumps including Arin Hanson’s highlighted brown hair, Danny’s Ninja Sex Party outfit, and you can even dress up as Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Why they included this? I don’t know. Did I question it as I played through the game as a dad named Godad with Goku hair, a stunning beard, and glasses? Not in the slightest.

The story begins with you, a single Dad, and your sarcastic daughter Amanda, a high school student trying to find her dream college, moving from their old town in Maple Bay to a cul de sac in a small town. While in this town, you meet multiple other dads, most of them single, whom you have the capability to romance. Being a game made by comedians, the dialogue is filled with “so terrible it’s funny” dad jokes and dad acts that keep you laughing the entire playthrough. There’s plenty of dad’s to choose from, each with their own fleshed out stories and personalities that make them just plain fun to get to know and hang around with. There’s a dad that is in constant competition with you on who’s the best dad, a dad that runs the sports at school, a dad that’s also your daughter’s teacher, even a dad who basically wants to be a vampire. Yeah, this game’s weird, but in the way that’s fun to explore.

Once you’ve moved into your house and begin meeting the other dads, you are forced by your daughter to join Dadbook, in order to make friends in this new town because you’re antisocial and don’t like actually talking to people. Finally, a game that GETS me. Every day, you can go on Dadbook and invite one of the seven dads to go on an outing with you and gain up to three hearts. You can go on as many dates with as many dads as you’d like as long as you don’t obtain all three hearts. Once you gain the third heart, you throw a barbeque in celebration of Amanda’s going off to college, and based on your performance on each of the three dates you find out whether you and that dad begin a romantic relationship or not. Each date is different depending on which dad you’re with. The first date is comprised of some dialogue with you and the dad, with your choice of actions increasing or decreasing your score. The second date has one of many minigames based on the situation. One dad has you avoiding people in the crowds of a moshpit at a concert, another has you trying to find a lost stuffed animal for their baby, a Pokemon parody, and many other games that are pretty fun to play through to keep the game new and interesting. The third date is where you try your best to romance the dad. If you do well enough on all three dates, you get a good ending with that dad, if not, you get a bad ending with that dad.

As you go through the story of the game, it gets surprisingly real as you and your daughter continue to interact. Every night after your outing with a dad, you come home to your very loving daughter Amanda, who you’ve had a strong bond with since the beginning of the game. You two mess with each other and talk smack in a way that makes your bond seem genuine and it’s an absolute pleasure to watch and to experience. It’s actually heartmoving to see her go through the problems of living the life of a teenager about to go to college, leaving her cool dad and her friends behind to start her new life, along with the loss of your wife/husband (your choice) before the game’s start. None of these details were expected from a game made from a meme and it’s a very welcome inclusion.

Dream Daddy is a hilarious title with plenty of surprises and dad jokes around every corner. It’s fleshed out characters and laugh-your- butt-off dialogue makes this game a memorable experience for any fan of dating simulators or the good-ol Grumps as it’s one of the best games in the genre. Not that I’ve ever played any dating sims to compare it to, cause that would be weird, right? Hahaha. Haha. ha. O-O. For this and much more Excaliber596 gives this game a