The Beauty in Games: Broforce


Hey, Bros! This is the most Bro game any Bro can ever play! You can even play with another Bro (friend) while being one of the Bros! I am, of course, talking about the game Broforce. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so why can't beauty also be found in old-school 8 bit fun times? This game is a great mix of old school themes with new, modern gameplay. A game with a group of powerful characters in an easily destructible environment makes for a lot of fun and destruction. What could possibly go wrong? This game gives you the power to destroy basically everything that exists in front of you, from terrorists to demons. Any way you look at it, this game is something extremely cool and you should experience it for yourself.

You play as a team of 8 bit Bros, aka the "BroForce Family". Their duty is to fight against any and all threats to freedom, including terrorism and even Satan himself. The family is made up of some of the greatest movie and video game heroes from the 80's up through recent years. This team works for America, and even gets to high five the president. You get to play as each of the members of this group, who each fight with some of the most excessive weaponry you can imagine, and travel in a helicopter all across the world to liberate it from evil.

While this is all well and good, what good is a hero without a fantastic villain? You will find yourself fighting steroids, gym terrorists, demon dogs, aliens, giant worms, robots, undead terrorists, boomers, or Satan (who hit the gym really hard and quick). Each enemy has a style and difficulty. The villains are memorable and fun to learn how to defeat quickly without dying over and over again.

This game is so much fun to play! It has a bizarre story that will make you laugh as well as issue you some tough challenges. This game made me rage quit many times, but the fun, addictive gameplay always brought me right back to it. Gamers that have that have the drive to put 100 % into playing a game will love the challenge this game gives you. I played this with some friends, and we had so much fun. I also honestly have to bow to anyone who can beat "IronBro Mode", which is done by completing the game with only 1 life for each Bro. With 1 hp for each, it is insanely difficult task, especially since the final boss on hard costs me around 5+ Bros/lives easily.

The game is a 4-player side scrolling run-and-gun game with an 8-bit retro look. Each character has only 1 hp, which can make it difficult at times throughout the game. Each time you free a captured Bro or die, you randomly change Bros, and in doing so your play style is constantly changing. The pool of characters grows as you save more and more Bros. Saving Bros also gives you an extra life, which is a necessity in this game. The game modes make the game either easy and fun or difficult and rage quit inducing.

The characters are fantastic! Each character has a specific 8-bit look matching their respective movie or game. All their names have the word Bro put into it in some way; i.e. Rambo=Rambro. Each character also has a devastating ability that reflects their signature traits from their movies. They can have a variety of weapons ranging from fists to swords, pistols, rifles, knives, lightning, throwing spears, Gatling guns, and grenade launchers...What else could you want?! All these contribute to rapid paced gameplay with great characters. The styles of each character create a quickly-changing strategy, which can save or doom you.

So, all in all, Broforce is amazing! It is available on Steam for $14.99 and on the PS Store for the PS4, and it is worth every cent. This game is adorably destructive. I love the look and feel of it, and I hope you all get a chance to play it. All of the old-school heroes making appearances is amazing. I am a nut for older movies, so seeing all these characters was so nostalgic. So join the Bro cause and fight evil on all fronts!

...Hey Bro...beware giant skull spiders...Run...