Battlefield and Battlefield V Beta Review


Well I am happy to get right into why I am writing this review but first off I am going to let you know why I believe the way I do. Ever since I started playing first person shooters, I have always loved the Call of Duty series (like any other kid at the time) but over time it started to just seem repetitive and just not something I wanted to play anymore. Then out of nowhere one friend brings over a new game that I had never heard about and it changed the way in which I look at first person shooters. This game was called, Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam by EA and DICE, the game was an expansion pack on the original Bad Company but it was one of the most graphic and realistic game that I ever played and I never even had heard about it until then. This is the first spark that set me ablaze on the Battlefield bus and I would not have it any other way. Year after year Battlefield games were getting better and better with graphics and soundtracks that were out of this world. Not only this but it felt like the game you were playing actually took place in real life, especially if you are one of the lucky PC owners out there. So, now that you know why I love the Battlefield series, I can start to tell you about the new series that EA and DICE have been working on. From 2011 to 2015 all of the Battlefield series has consisted of modern wars and was starting to lean towards the futuristic looking concept of warfare. Which pays to know and understand that Call of Duty and Battlefield were both competing head to head and trying to outdo the other at the time. But then in late October 2016, EA and DICE decided to release a game called Battlefield 1, which took place during the First World War and was met with many people liking and enjoying the game. This game sent Call of Duty into a shock as well as all of video game players. So, in response, the Call of Duty franchise released their own version of the game the next year called Call of Duty: WWII. This game was met with fantastic criticism as well but still did not live up to the way EA and DICE decided to lead the first-person shooters at the time.

This in conclusion finally brings us to where we are today, Battlefield 5. Even though the game is still not officially released yet and will not be until November 20th of 2018. There has already been a Closed Alpha that took place back in June, specifically on the June 28 and they were very limited to who and what they were putting into the game. Even with this, the closed Alpha and the Beta still seem to relate very closely. With minor patches being made between the two.

Now getting to the game play of the Beta, with the Beta just closing on September 11, I was able to play a reasonable amount starting on September 4th and there are many things that I can say that I loved about the game play but also a few things that I found that did not live up to the way I know Battlefield should have lived up to. So, I will try to have positive and negatives through my review to show both sides. Another thing to know during the Beta was that there were only two maps that were being played and three different game modes as well. As for your character, it was limited to only four classes, Support, Medic, Recon and Assault. Now starting off, the game is beautifully mastered and super appealing to the eyes. The weather effects that are being used make the gaming experience better than ever before, the way in which your character and others are moving around and interact with the map also make the game a very cinematic experience to be able to play in. Even though some of these things are fantastic to have in a game, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. When entering and exiting buildings, there were many instances in which the weather effects were just too strong, and things were not visible while looking out of the building that you were in. For many cases, this was only a problem for being inside looking out. Now moving on to team play, Battlefield has always been a game in which you could just go and run off on your own and be reasonably good through most of the game due to the fact that you were supplied with a pretty hefty amount of ammo and were able to take damage pretty well, even with this you still depended on your teammates nonetheless. But the idea that you could just run from point A to point B and have half a dozen kills right off the bat before dying was a fantastic feeling.

Now starting in Battlefield V, you are starting off with very little ammo and no health packs depending on what class you decide to pick. You can still pick up more ammo and health packs at the checkpoints designated on the map, but it is an inconvenience to have to do every time you spawn back into the game. With this Battlefield V is more team based than ever. For some, this is a fantastic thing to have if they have a group of friends that are wanting to join a squad or just random team members. Then you still have the few that like to be on a team but like to go off on their own and not instantly get cut off by the supplies that you need from teammates. I found this to be one of the most difficult and frustrating things throughout the entire Beta. I do admire the fact though that it is a team/squad-based game but having to rely on a team is hard for people like myself that want to just go out and start shooting and play the game. So, teammate play for Battlefield V is either a win or a loss for some or might not even be that big of a deal for others.

Another thing that is brand new to the Battlefield series that I seemed to enjoy, was the aspect that you were able to build and fortify different objectives across the map. Whether it was putting up sandbags around an objective to make the enemy team have to find another way in or having to shoot them down. Not only can you put them right on the different objectives, but some are put around them that are considered choke points in which you give yourself that last bit of effort to push the enemy team back. This aspect in Battlefield has been very interesting and I hope that they are able to improve even more to it when the full release comes out in November. Another thing that I found to be very, very frustrating as well, is the bleed out feature for when you go down. Right from the start I did not like it. Whether it is the fact that you cannot bleed out as quick or trying to wait for a team revive. I would either like that the bleed out speed is much quicker or not there at all. This is mainly due to the fact that many of the people are playing do not want to take the time to pick up their own teammates unless they are a medic and even then, it is still difficult for many to do so as I was well aware of playing. I think it was still a better feature back in Battlefield 4 where you were instantly dead and could pick your next class right away or get revived before your spawn time was up. I found this type of respawn to be better and you were still aware what was happening on the map and not just lying on the ground waiting for your inevitable death and longer respawn. Other thing that I have found to be nice in a way deals with the vehicles. I felt that in other Battlefield games, vehicles were a very big part in getting objectives. During the Beta the vehicles did not play such a large part as they normally did, which I found as a good thing because occasionally vehicles tended to be very annoying and were difficult in destroying. I felt that with the speed of the tanks and other vehicles it was easier to take them on with only one person and found them to be less of a nuisance and more of an obstacle to overcome like they should be. Even with all of these positives and negatives of the Beta, I am hoping that they will be able to fix or patch much of what is going wrong or needs to be fixed. I still had an enjoyable time and partaking in the Beta, but I am still on the fence whether or not that I will be buying it in November. Then again there is still a lot of progress that can be made in the game and being able to even play it two months early is the greatest thing they could do to let the players enjoy the game and try to improve it until it finally comes out in November.

Overall, I give the Battlefield V Beta a 7.5/10.